In today’s world, the most important thing is online privacy. The cyber threats and data breaches make it crucial to take steps and protect personal information. That is where Blockaway, the proxy site, comes into use. Here, in this article we’ll explore the basic features, procedure to access and more about the proxy server.

    Overview on Blockaway

    Blockaway is a proxy network that bypasses geo-restrictions in order to access blocked websites. It allows the user to create a secure and encrypted connection to the internet. By routing the internet traffic through the servers. The proxy server covers or hides the IP address and encrypts the data as well. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to track down the user’s online activities. Its various characteristics make it the best option for the users.

    Characteristics of Blockaway Proxy

    The Features and benefits, is what attracts the users. Therefore, the various characteristics of Blockaway one can avail are as follows: 

    • User friendly: The services can be easily utilized by the user. No one needs to be technologically sound in order to use the services. The website is straightforward and has a user friendly interface as well. 
    • Data Encryption: The data sended or shared between the devices and proxy server is secured. It’s all because of the SSL encryption that the proxy server offers. This is to make sure that the data is safe and secure, protected and private as well. 
    • Access to Restricted content: By changing the connection and connecting it to another server might hide the IP address. Through this one has access to the restricted or blocked content. 
    • Quick Setup: The proxy server is easy to use and it does not ask for any installation of other software. This allows time for the long setup procedure. This is why I prefer it more than any other proxy server. It can be considered an option for people who just needs to browse sometimes 
    • Economical: The Proxy site is free of cost. The user does not need to pay any charges to avail the benefits. This is what makes it an affordable choice for people especially who are unaware of the proxy.
    • No Application Needed: It allows users to enjoy its services without downloading any additional application on your device. The browser based operations of it decreases the consumption of resources and gives an enhanced user experience.

    How to Access Blockaway Proxy?


    The simple procedure one needs to follow, in order to have an access to Blockaway proxy server is mentioned below: 

    •  Download and Install: From an Internet connected device, Visit the Blockaway website. Then download the app that is compatible with your device. Once the application is located Install it on the device. 
    • Create an Account: Sign up for a Blockaway proxy account. It can be done by providing an email address and creating a safe & strong password.
    • Choose a Server: Once logged in, select a server location from the options visible on the screen. The selected location is from where the internet traffic will appear to originate.
    • Connect and Enjoy: Hence, at the end Click the “Connect” button. Now, the proxy site will establish a secure connection. 
    • The user is now ready to browse the internet with enhanced privacy and security.

    Potential Risks While Using Blockaway

    The user can browse, navigate or access content that is restricted or prohibited. But, they should be well aware of the possible risk of using blockAway. These possible risks include: 

    • Data Security Concerns: The proxy server may record the IP address, browsing history and other private information. This collected information can be sold or used for target advertising. Free online proxies may not use safety encryption techniques. This could bring disclosure of the private data and information. 
    • IP Blacklisting: As the free proxies are used by many around the world at same time. So, maybe certain websites ban the IP addresses connected to the VPN. This makes it difficult to access the proxy server. 
    • Lack of Support: This free web proxy may not be frequently updated. These sites are close to shutdown any time without any prior information. 
    • Unreliable Performance: As the website is free of cost and has a large number of audience. This is the reason why many users may face connection speed issues, frequent outages and much more. This impacts the way users navigate and browse through the sites.      

    Open Blocked Sites with Blockaway 

    The sites blocked can be accessed easily. One needs to follow these steps to have access to the blocked websites. Mentioned below is the way one can have an access to the blocked sites with the help of Blockaway. 

    • Step 1: First step is to open the blockaway website.
    • Step 2: Enter the address of the blocked sites in the Text field option visible on the homepage. 
    • Step 3: Press “Enter” after entering the blocked website’s address. 
    • Step 4: The user can now choose from various proxy servers visible on the screen. 
    • Step 5: Select the server that is fast and reliable also. 
    • Step 6: Now, the user can be easily taken to the blocked website. 

    Best Alternatives of Blockaway

    There are some other VPNs available that are similar to blockaway. You can check out them below and find some more useful alternatives: 

    • Croxy Proxy: It is a secure and well known web proxy, which allows users to browse through several websites. Users can use it to access different platforms such as facebook, youtube, google and twitter. 
    • ProxMate: This is an easy to use proxy service that enables users to check out the blocked websites and access the pages in a faster way. Unlike other VPNs, which create trouble to access the sites, it gives a smooth experience to do so. 
    • Proxiyum: Proxiyum is another efficient web proxy that can be utilised to explore through the various sites with hidden IP addresses. With the help of this proxy service you can get access to restricted content and explore different popular platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. 
    • Proxysite: Users can collect the information from worldwide websites and make informative decisions through this incredible proxy. It keeps people connected and gives an improved exploration service. Also, you do not need to worry about your privacy as it hides your IP address. 
    • WebOProxy: This is the fastest way to access restricted content with a hidden IP address. it respects your privacy and for that it keeps your identity anonymous. This is also an excellent proxy service provider. It brings the trust within customers and provides them a mesmerizimg browsing experience. 

    Is Blockaway Safe?

    In the world of threats, security is the thing that we all are concerned about. So, the BlockAway is committed to provide the best security measurements and protection against the potential threats. It allows users to enjoy browsing without telling their identity and have a safe online experience. However, the tool offers best security features but still be cautious while browsing.


    In a world where online privacy is at risk. Blockaway. net  is a reliable solution to protect the data and personal information as well. It passes the expectation by offering various benefits and features mentioned above. From its access to risk each information has been shared above.