Stepping towards digitization we all have witnessed different types of businesses opting for different technologies to make themselves more efficient. Among the wide set of technologies today we are going to explore, the LTL Panel. The article will provide you with in-depth information about the same, wherein you get to read about the working procedure, booking process, and other crucial information. So, keep your keen gaze throughout this article. 

    Overview LTL Panel

    LTL Panel which stands for Less Than Truckload, is a tech-driven logistics solution that is offered by Delhivery. Delhivery is one of the leading logistics companies in India that has used this technology to help businesses streamline their shipping. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to transport goods. Delhivery CL B2B Panel is used to book couriers online and manage all the other services at the same. Users can visit the login page of the B2B panel or LTL panel of Delhivery to book parcels. 

    Working of Less Than Truckload LTL Panel

    This Less Than Truckload LTL Panel works by assembling goods from multiple businesses onto a single truck. The truck then transports the goods to a central hub, where they are sorted and sent to their final destination. The method is highly cost-effective because the businesses only have to pay for the space they use on the truck rather than the entire vehicle. Aside from this one of the best parts is that you get real-time tracking and reporting so that you can monitor properly. 

    Process to Book Parcel in Delhivery B2B LTL Panel

    LTL Panel

    Follow these enlisted steps to book your parcel at this highly cost-effective panel effectively. 

    • Step 1: Firstly with the help of your preferred Browser, navigate the official website of Delhivery. 
    • Step 2: Open the Delhivery LTL Panel from the provided dashboard. 
    • Step 3: Next, enter your Delhivery ID and password on the provided input boxes. 
    • Step 4: After logging in move to and click on ‘My Order’. 
    • Step 5: Tap on the ‘Create New Order’ link. 
    • Step 6: Moving ahead provide the LR details and select the LTL Panel B2B Client Name. 
    • Step 7: Now enter the Freight type and payment method and also provide the challan details. 
    • Step 8: Enter the GST details and Pincode of the code of the receiver. 
    • Step 9: Upload all the asked documents as well as challan documents. 
    • Step 10: Finally, click on Calculate Freight and conform order by hitting ‘Create Order’. 

    Services Provided at LTL Panel 

    Here businesses and forms get an option to select from a long list of services. Listed here are the top services. 

    My OrdersUpdate Documents
    Pre-Order EnquiryRequest Pickup
    WalletSelf Drop
    Pending TasksDelivery Preferences
    Performance DashboardMy Facilities

    Benefits of Using LTL Panel

    Undermentioned are the top-notch benefits of using the Less Than Truckload LTL Panel of the Delhivery. 

    • Economical: It is one of the economical modes of goods transportation. 
    • Real-time tracking: The panel allows the user to get real-time tracking and reports. 
    • Expert Support: You will get expert support for businesses. 
    • Cost-Effective: The shipment of goods with the use of one truck, the business gets cost-effective measures. 
    • Customization: Delhivery allows you to customize, with the help of which it can meet specific needs. 


    By reading this blog till the very end, you will get a greater understanding of the LTL Panel of the Delhivery. Aside from this, you will get to learn about the working of the working of the Delhivery. This will enable you to use the provided services of this platform to make your business more fast in a cost-effective measure. Therefore, must give a thorough read to the provided details and information to build your understanding. 

    Disclaimer: All the information mentioned here is based on our own research and is meant only to serve informational purposes. Therefore, to avail of any services or to get the latest updates, you must visit the official website of Delhivery.