George Foreman is the name that most of us might have been familiar with, this notable former professional boxer, has made his name on the ‘Olympic’ gold medal. Apart from being popular for his glimmering successful career, he has also been in the limelight for having multiple life partners. In this blog, we are going to talk about one of his wives Mary Joan Martelly. If you wish to gather all the details surrounding the couple’s life, then the provided information is useful to you. 

    Mary Joan Martelly Biography

    Born on May 17, 1963, Mary Joan Martelly is the wife of the popular boxer George Foreman. Her birth place is in Mon Repos, St. Lucia, and she pursues a Christian religion. She has been the wife of the Mary Joan Martelly: Born, Children, George Foreman Wife, And More since 1985 and has supported him throughout her extraordinary career. Throughout her life, she has also raised awareness among people regarding AIDS, especially among youngsters. As per different sources, her charming life and support to her family came to an end with her demise. 

    Physical Appearance of Mary

    She had a calm and pleasing beauty with a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a weight of 58 Kg. Though there is very little information regarding her physical appearance, we do know that she has black hair and brown eyes. 

    Early Life

    Born and brought up in Mon Repos, a town on the Caribbean Island of St. Luica, there is no information regarding her parents. She was the third child out of seven girls and two boys in her family. Sources suggest that her father passed at the age of 44, thereby putting her family in financial distress. Therefore to survive in this situation she and her other siblings used to work in restaurants, clothes factories, and more. 

    Mary Joan Martelly Children And Family

    Mary Joan Martelly Children And Family

    After her marriage with Foreman on March 27 in the year 1985 she has five children from this marriage. Apart from this George Forman also had five children from his past marriages. This led to Mary having three stepdaughters and two stepsons, aside from which George also had two adoptive daughters. The most surprising part is that all his sons were given the name ‘George Edward Foreman’. 

    Together the couple named their  five children Leola, Natalie, George IV, George V, George VI, George Jr., George III, Michi, Freeda, Georgetta, Isabella, Brenda Lilja Foreman, and Courtney Isac Foreman, 

    Mary’s Career

    George and Mary throughout their career have been always involved in various humanitarian endeavors. Together the couple has also contributed to several organizations by funding them. Among their multiple works, the most notable has been their participation in pediatric AIDS awareness among children in both Houston and St. Lucia. Furthermore, they have also contributed to HIV research and treatment programs for children. 

    The couple also received recognition and received the honor in the year 2007 at an event named ‘A World of Friends Fighting AIDS’.  They were also presented with an award by President Bill Clinton who complimented them for their achievements and contributions. 

    Mary Joan Martelly Networth

    As per several sources, the total net worth of Mary was somewhere between dollars and 1.4 Million. 

    Lesser Known Facts

    We have enlisted here some of the lesser-known facts about Mary that could be of interest. 

    • Sources suggest that she has Mary met George Foreman in the year 1984, while she was working as a babysitter in Houston Texas. 
    • Mary and Foreman got married on 27 March 1985, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
    • She is a sports fan and likes to watch boxing, Basketball, and football.